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GlobeMed launches the "Health Information Analysis” program & Establishes “Scholarship Fund" in partnership with Saint Joseph University

The signing ceremony was held at the University Council Hall at the Campus of Innovation and Sport in Beirut, Lebanon on January 15, 2020. The ceremony was attended by Professor Salim Daccache - Rector of USJ, Mr. Mounir Kharma - GlobeMed Chairman and CEO, Dr. Michèle Kosremelli Asmar - Director of the ISSP, Dr. Walid Ammar - Director General of the Ministry of Public Health, Mr. Roger Nasnas - Chairman and CEO of AXA Middle East, Mr. Pierre Pharaon - Managing Director of Libano Suisse, along with representatives from USJ students, and executive attendance from GlobeMed and USJ.
In his opening speech, Professor Daccache expressed his great pleasure with this initiative, as it highlights the strong relationship and partnership between the university and the private sector for the benefit of students.

Mr. Mounir Kharma emphasized the strong relationship between GlobeMed and USJ which goes back to the beginning of 1990s, explaining the evolution of GlobeMed’s vision with focus on the Clinical Coding and Health Information Analysis programs: "Over the years, GlobeMed has gained in-depth experience in working with hospitals and in managing claims. It became clear to us that there is a need for a common language between the various concerned stakeholders. Consequently, we partnered with Saint Joseph University 18 years ago to launch the Clinical Coding program, which has seen the graduation of hundreds of professionals from insurance companies and other private and public health programs. And today we cooperate with USJ to launch the "Health Information Analysis” program which aims to develop the competencies of analysts in turning information from databases into valuable data for better informed business decisions”.

Mr. Kharma concluded "As for the scholarship program, it is a token of appreciation and loyalty to the Saint Joseph University and its distinguished academic status as a beacon for higher education, which has graduated many prominent Lebanese personalities. I had the honor of partnering with two of them, Mr. Roger Nasnas and Mr. Michel Pharaon. Both are graduates of St. Joseph University.”

Dr Michèle Kosremelli Asmar welcomed attendees and described Mr. Mounir Kharma as “Avant-garde and key player in the health sector, at the national and regional levels, and who very early detected the importance of bringing the academic world closer to the health sector."
On behalf of ISSP public health students, Marc Jreij said "GlobeMed provides substantial financial and moral support which will allow students to innovate. It is a very rewarding initiative at both the academic level and the health sector level in Lebanon. "

After signing the memorandum, Professor Daccache presented Mr. Kharma "Portrait of the USJ" book retracing the history of the University. The ceremony was concluded with a cocktail reception.